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Winter Scenery in Nanjing as Beautiful as an Ink Painting

The winter of Nanjing is a strong ink painting with massive Jiangnan style, giving the city a unique charm in winter. Relying on winter rain, first snow and warm sun, it presents a huge traditional Chinese painting of Nanjing for every one of you. Atmospheric solemnity sets its main tone. A hint of red and yellow revealed from time to time causes Nanjing to set free its winter aura.

Winter Feast - Delicacies in Nanjing

In the cold winter of Nanjing, hot food can always arouse our inner energy for us to expel the coldness and embrace the warmth. From outer warmth to inner warmth, the happiness of winter lingers around us.

Hot soup is bound to be the most soothing winter food. In Nanjing, it is duck blood soup with vermicelli.

Winter Fun - Tour in Nanjing 

Coldness makes the sun even more precious in winter. On a sunny day, don't live up to the gift of nature, and follow the trace of sunshine to do a tour in Nanjing City. Travel around the streets, look for a garden, visit a famous mountain, go to a bookstore, enjoy wintersweet blossoms, view birds, and bask in the sun. Do all of these to sense the unique fun of the city in winter.

Picturesque Nanjing Presents Fall Impressions

The autumn palette in Nanjing highlights a full and gorgeous color, thus the tone is of a decorous feeling. This autumn impression may embrace a rain, a leaf, a road, a cup of tea, and a city wall. It fits well with the history of the six dynasties in Nanjing and is in harmony with all the details of the ancient city of Nanjing.

Autumn Sights

Autumn landscape is the most impressive part of Nanjing, only God could create such a wonderful palette with red and yellow, gorgeous but romantic, quiet, and poetic. Enjoying Nanjing's autumn sights, you may know what "storied dyeing" means, and experience the golden yellow and bright red of Nanjing. With the rich colors, you may be overwhelmed by the autumn landscape and atmosphere in Nanjing.

Autumn Food

In Nanjing's autumn, there are 600-meter Sacred Path with stone statues, Yihe Road with plane trees, Qingliang Hill with ginkgo trees, Qixia Mountain with red maple trees and ancient buildings, and iridescent Zhima Ridge. In addition to these delightful autumn sights, it is recommended to taste fine food offered only in autumn to enjoy different "attractions" in Nanjing.