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Encountering with Nanjing in Summer - New City Appearance at Night in Summer

Nanjing has many classic night scenes, such as the lights and boats on the Qinhuai River, the starlight reflected in Xuanwu Lake, the charming ancient city walls at night, and the lighted promenade along the Yangtze River. They are great, but don't miss out the new Nanjing nights besides them. You should also enjoy the downtown lights, the magnificent cityscape, and the contemporary architectural design.

Winter Scenery in Nanjing as Beautiful as an Ink Painting

The winter of Nanjing is a strong ink painting with massive Jiangnan style, giving the city a unique charm in winter. Relying on winter rain, first snow and warm sun, it presents a huge traditional Chinese painting of Nanjing for every one of you. Atmospheric solemnity sets its main tone. A hint of red and yellow revealed from time to time causes Nanjing to set free its winter aura.

Winter Feast - Delicacies in Nanjing

In the cold winter of Nanjing, hot food can always arouse our inner energy for us to expel the coldness and embrace the warmth. From outer warmth to inner warmth, the happiness of winter lingers around us.

Hot soup is bound to be the most soothing winter food. In Nanjing, it is duck blood soup with vermicelli.