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Top 3 Fun Spring Activities to Do in Nanjing: Mountain Hiking

No matter what interests you, be it the picturesque scenery or blooming flowers, spring is definitely a fantastic time for adventures in mountains. The ancient capital Nanjing boasts striking natural beauty especially in spring. Here are 7 destinations that you must visit if you are a true lover of mountain climbing.

Top 3 Fun Spring Activities to Do in Nanjing: Cuisine Tours

Spring is coming! Time to treat yourself to something just in season! Everything that wakes up from winter hibernation is now ready to wake up your taste buds. Think about the wild vegetables from the fields, freshwater fishes and seafood that come into season in spring. That is all you can expect on a Nanjing tour.

Celebrations of the Chinese Traditional Festival in Nanjing in Winter

Winter is the festive season for Chinese family reunion and welcoming the New Year. The long and rich history and culture of Nanjing, titled “Ancient Capital for Six Dynasties”, have left it with the legacy of an abundance of excellent, unique and wonderful festivals and customs that attract tourists to have a touch of the traditional Chinese culture and explore Nanjing.

Nanjing, Your Wonderful Hot Spring Destination in Winter

As an old Chinese saying goes, spring and summer are the seasons to sprout and grow, while autumn and winter, to harvest and store up. In winter, the perfect time to recharge yourself, a relaxing getaway in hot spring can work wonders for your health by releasing stress, nourishing skin, easing body and mind, stimulating blood circulation and enhancing overall well-being.