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Best Places for Autumn Photography in Nanjing

If you are a shutterbug, then you must not miss Zhongshan Mountain National Park and Zhima Ridge in autumn, where you can catch all the most beautiful autumn sceneries!

Recommended places for photography: Zhongshan Mountain National Park/Zhima Ridge

Glittering Ginkgo Trees in Nanjing

After an autumn rain, gingko leaves turn yellow, and the ancient temples, buildings and mountains and rivers are dotted by the bright yellow leaves. Suddenly the wind blows and the leaves flutter, you will get an eyeful of golden landscape. What a brilliant world!

Recommended places for admiring ginkgo trees: Huiji Temple/Qingliang Mountain Park/Xuanwu Lake Park

Fiery-Red Maples in Nanjing

In autumn, the trees in Nanjing are dyed in beautiful colors by nature mother. Maple leaves at this time turn into dazzling red. Looking around, the fiery red maple leaves spread on the hills and mountain slopes or set off against traditional Chinese architecture, forming gorgeous pictures. What are the best places to capture the beauty of red maples then?

Romantic Plane Trees in Nanjing

Plane trees are Nanjing's "calling card". The autumn landscape dominated by plane trees is full of the lingering charm of a thousand-year-old ancient capital. What are the best places to admire the plane trees then?

Recommended places for admiring plane trees: Yihe Road/Huanling Road

Explore Splendid Summer in Nanjing

Long gone are the days when poleaxing summer temperatures earned Nanjing its place as one of China's "four furnaces". Don't be put off by the moniker. Nanjing's slot was kicked out of the top four on the new list of "China's Hottest Cities" released by the National Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration in 2017.