Encountering with Nanjing in Summer - New City Appearance at Night in Summer

Nanjing has many classic night scenes, such as the lights and boats on the Qinhuai River, the starlight reflected in Xuanwu Lake, the charming ancient city walls at night, and the lighted promenade along the Yangtze River. They are great, but don't miss out the new Nanjing nights besides them. You should also enjoy the downtown lights, the magnificent cityscape, and the contemporary architectural design.

Spring in Nanjing, Time for Encounters with Flowers

As spring sets in and temperatures go up, the heart eager to go for spring outings grows all the more restless. Which places in Nanjing offer the best views in springtime? An encounter with spring flowers in the city would be the most interesting spring pastime.

Enjoying Rape Flowers

Beginning in early March, the lovely spring scenes in Nanjing would have a bright golden yellow touch. Glistening yellow swathes, i.e. rape fields, lure and enchant visitors. The rape, a major crop, would sketch out huge, saturated and dazzling oil paintings during the blooming season.

Visiting Cherry Blossom Sites

With the spring in the air, cherry trees have quietly blossomed across Nanjing. Pink petals float down like snowflakes and dance around in the sky, adding a bright touch of beauty to the ancient capital.

Searching for Plum Blossoms

The plum blossom, the city flower of Nanjing, has historically been one of the favorite flowers of the Chinese people. Nanjing is a must-visit place for admiring plum blossoms. Here, visitors may see blossoming plum trees brighten the city like rosy brocades at various sites.