Tea Tasting

I offer tea, not wine, to a guest on cold night, When water boils on the stove, fire burns with flame bright. Winter Night, a poem from Du Lei in the Song Dynasty, describes the warmth and comfort of tasting tea in winter. In the cold winter, Nanjing locals prefer cooking tea around the stove. Seeing the warm fire, we're chatting with friends in the fragrance of tea.

Bathing in Hot Spring

The synergy of winter and hot springs is the unique romance and tenderness of winter in Nanjing. The most famous hot spring in Nanjing is Tangshan Hot Spring.

Winter Scene

Winter is a peaceful and graceful picture in Nanjing. With the arrival of frost flowers, the whole city seems to be covered with a veil of white. The ancient city wall, the flaming maple leaves, the orange-red metasequoia, and the golden gingko are shining in the winter sun.

Winter Rhyme in Nanjing

Winter, like a gentle old man, is creeping in every corner of Nanjing with a faint chill. An air of serenity permeates the cold air, as if time has become slow and quiet at this moment. It is like a poetic picture, full-bodied and intriguing.

Nanjing City Wall Museum

Autumn is a sentimental season. Why not visit the Nanjing City Wall Museum to explore the strength of the Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty, the "greatest city wall in the world", in a history of 650 years.

The Oriental Metropolitan Museum

It is said architecture is the music of a city. Cultural relics ought to be the notes of music, or the magnificent waves made by the river of history as it flows through this ancient land. Nanjing boasts the glories and traces of the Six Dynasties as their capital.

Nanjing Museum

Nanjing is a solemn city that boasts luxury and elegance as it was the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties and the home to royal families. In the warm winter sun, this strong atmosphere permeates every corner of the city. Picking up the fragments of old days and exploring ancient stories ought to be one of the most romantic things to do in the warm winter sun in Nanjing.

The Must-Sees in Nanjing

Fallen leaves show the coming of autumn. Accompanied by the rustle of boundless fallen leaves, the quaint Nanjing City adds a touch of solemnity and stillness to the chilly autumn atmosphere. Swayed by the autumn winds, old trees are shedding their leaves profusely on the streets.

Come to Nanjing in Winter to Admire an Urban Ink Painting

During winter in Nanjing, a bit of coldness survives under the warm sun, and everything is shaped impressively. For every stop or looking back, you may see a frame of Chinese ink painting, which boasts atmospheric and solemn beauty, as well as flexible and arbitrary playfulness.

Winter Scenery in Nanjing as Beautiful as an Ink Painting

The winter of Nanjing is a strong ink painting with massive Jiangnan style, giving the city a unique charm in winter. Relying on winter rain, first snow and warm sun, it presents a huge traditional Chinese painting of Nanjing for every one of you. Atmospheric solemnity sets its main tone. A hint of red and yellow revealed from time to time causes Nanjing to set free its winter aura.