Popular Tours in Nanjing China

Sightseeing Bus Route

Tour Line 1

Tour Line 1 (stop at): Xuanwu Lake Park→Gulou→Jiming Temple→Presidential Palace→Nanjing Ming Palace→Underwater World→Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum

Tour Line 2

Tour Line 2 (stop at): Yuhuatai (Rain Flower Terrace)→Zhonghua Gate Citadel→Confucius Temple→Presidential Palace→Nanjing Ming Palace→Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum→Underwater World→Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum→Shuixie (Waterside Pavilion)→Linggu Temple Park

Tour Line 3

Tour Line 3 (stop at): Hongshan Forest Zoo→Purple Mountain→Liao Zhongkai's Tomb→Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum→→Underwater World→Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum→Shuixie (Waterside Pavilion)→ Linggu Temple Park

Tour Line 4

Tour Line 4 (stop at): Stone City→Qingliang Hill→Yuhuatai (Rain Flower Terrace)

Tour Line 5

Tour Line 5 (stop at): Yangshan Hill Stele

Photo from Stone City

Common Bus to Scenic Spots

No.1 Way Nanjing Station----Confucius Temple

Service Time:( 4:30-22:30) ( 5:10-23:10)

Line:Nanjing Station---Zhongyang Gate---South Stop of Zhongyang Gate---Xufu Lane---Chief Bus Company---Xuanwu Lake Park(Hunan Road)---Drum Tower---Drum Tower Hospital---Zhujiang Road---North Stop of Xinjiekou---East Stop of Xinjiekou---Daxing Palace---Yanggongjing---Baixia Road---Confucius Temple

No.4 Way Fuli Manor----West Stop of Xinjiekou

Service Time:( 5:30-23:00) ( 5:30-23:00)

Line:Fuli Manor---Muxuyuan Street---Yueya Lake Park---East Stop of Ruijin Road---Biaoying---Guanghua Gate---Daguang Road---Tongji Gate---Dazhong Bridge---Confucius Temple---Sanshan Street---Pingshi Street---Shuixi Gate---Chaotian Palace---Mochou Road---Shigu Road---West Stop of Xinjiekou

No.7 Way Ruijin Road----Shangxin River

Service Time:( 5:00-22:20) (5:00-22:20)

Line:Ruijin Road---Jiefang South Road---Daguang Road---Tongji Gate---Dazhong Bridge---Sanshan Street---Pingshi Street---Shuixi Gate---Handongkou---Hanzhong Department Store---East Mochou Lake Road---Mochou Lake Park---Dashichating---Chanan---Jiangdong Gate(Memorial Hall to the Victims of "Nanjing Massacre"by Japanese Invaders、Zhonghua Brocade Village)---Hebei Big Street---Shangxin River

No.8 Way Jiangsu Road----Swallow Rock Hillock Park

Service Time:( 4:30-23:00) (5:00-23:00)

Line:Jiangsu Road---Fuzuo Road---Shanxi Road---Nanjing Hotel---Sibeihou---Qingshi Village---Chief Bus Company---Xufu Lane---South Stop of Zhongyang Gate---North Stop of Zhongyang Gate---Anhuai Village---Dongjingting---Dongjing Village---Maigao Bridge---Nanzhuan South Village---Xiaozhuang---Ferroalloy Factory---Xinlian Machine Factory---Taiping Village---Menpo Village--- Swallow Rock Hillock Park

No.20 Way Qingliang Gate Bridge----Underwater World

Service Time:( 7:30-16:30) (8:00-17:00)

Line:Qingliang Gate Bridge---Qingliang Hill Park(Stone City)---South Stop of Hujuguan---North Stop of Hujuguan---Shanyin Road---South Yinyangying---Yunnan Road---Drum Tower Park---Beiji Conference Hall---Baotai Street---Jiming Temple(Taicheng Park)---East Beijing Road(Jiuhua Hill Park)---Taiping Gate---White Horse Park---Roap Way of Purple Moutain---Liao Zhongkai's Tomb---Zhongshan Botanic Garden---Ming Emperor's Tomb---Underwater World

No.21 Way West Nanjing Station----Saishang Road

Service Time: (5:30-23:00) ( 4:50-22:20)

Line:West Nanjing Station---Nanjing Harbor---Xiaguan Long-distance Bus Station---Jianning Road---Xingzhong Gate---Daqiao Hotel(River-view Tower)---Daqiao South Road---Shuangmenlou Hotel---Dingshan Hotel---Zhenjiang Road---Gupinggang---Gulin Park---Caochang Gate---Military Education Park---Qingliang Hill Park---North Stop of Hanzhong Gate---Hanzhong Department Store---Handongkou---Shuixi Gate Square---Jiqing Gate---Yinqiao Market---Saihong Bridge---Fengtai South Road---Saishang Road

No.74 Way Jiangsu Road----Nanjing Yangtze River Second Bridge

Service Time:( 5:00-23:00) ( 5:00-22:30)

Line:Jiangsu Road---Fuzuo Road---Shanxi Road---Zhongda Hospital---Xuanwu Lake Park---Chief Bus Company---West Stop of Xinzhuang---Xinzhuang---Caohou Village---Zhongbei Bus Company---East Gate of Hongshan Forest Zoo---Shizi Street--- Jiangsu Province Herbalist and Western Medicine Coalescent Hospital---Maigao Bridge---Nanzhuan New Village---Xiaozhuang---Ferroalloy Factory---Xinlian Machine Factory---Shengli Village---Taiping Village---Taixin Road---Zaolin Village---First Chemical Factory---Lanyan Hotel---Second Bridge Park

Guzhen Line Drum Tower Park----Pearl Spring

Service Time: (6:30-19:30) ( 6:30-19:30)

Line:Drum Tower Park---Shanxi Road---Sanpailou---Daqiao South Road---Huilong Bridge---South Tower of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge---North Tower of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge---Daqiao North Road---Daqiaosichu---Sanhe Bridge---Puliu Road---Puchang Uptown---Clothes City---West Gate---Pearl Street---Pearl Spring Mansion---Pearl Spring

* The names underlined are some famous scenic spots which the travel line buses can get to in Nanjing City

* Three Business Centers in Nanjing: Confucius Temple, Xinjiekou, Hunan Road

Photo from Ming City Wall

Nanjing One-day Tour Recommended

1. Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum(1 hour)

Located at the south side of the Purple Montain, it is Dr.Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum who is recognized as the father of modern China.

Add:Zhongshan Scenic Area, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-17:00(Closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 2 to Xiamafang Station or Bus 游1,9 to Zhongshanling Park Stop, and change "博爱线"

2. Xiaoling Tomb Complex(1.5 hour)

Xiaoling Tomb is the burial place of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming Dynasty. It has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage.

Ticket:70 Yuan
Add:Zhongshan Scenic Area, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-17:00
How to get to:Bus游3,20,315/ Mingxiaoling Stop

3. Rain Flower Terrace(1 hour)

It is said that heaven rains flowers when the monk master Yunguang gave lectures on the terrace, which now includes a large museum dedicated to the martyrs during 1927 to 1949 in China.

Add:No.215, Yuhua Lu, Yuhuatai District
Open Time:8:00-17:00(The Martyrs Memorial Hall closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 1/ Zhonghuamen Station Bus游2, 游4,26,33,44,88,305/ Yuhuatai Stop

4. Qinhuai Scenic Belt(2 or 3 hours)

With a total length of 110 kilometers, the Qinhuai River is the "Mother River" of Nanjing. When flowing into the city, it is divided into two tributaries at Nine-dragon Bridge outside Tongji City-Gate in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing. As the city moat, one is called the outer Qinhuai River circling the city-wall built in the Ming Dynasty. The other is called the inner Qinhuai River with a total length of nearly 5 kilometers and historically reputed as "Five-kilometer Qinhuai", The inner Qinhuai River is the cream of Qinhuai scenic area as it has such scenic and cultural spots.

Add:Along the Qinhuai River in Qinhuai Distric
How to get to: Metro Line 1/ Sanshanjie Station, Bus游2,1,4,30,31,40,44,49/ Fuzimiao Stop, Bus 14,23,33,43,46, 81,87 / Changlelu Stop

5. Yuejiang Tower(1.5 hours)

Praised as one of the four famous towers in Jiangnan, Yuejiang Tower is unique for its particular history and royal style.

Ticket:40 Yuan
Add:No.202, Jianning Lu, Gulou District
Open Time:7:30-17:30
How to get to:Bus 10,12,21,54,150/ Daqiaofandian Stop

6. The Memorial Hall Of The Victims In Nanjing Massacre By Japanese Invaders

Chaotian Palace(1 hour)

More than 300 thousand innocent compatriots were killed by Japanese troops in 1937. It is built right on the ruins of "ravine of 10 thousand people".

Ticket: Free
Add:No.418, Shuiximen Dajie, Jianye District
Open Time:8:30-16:30(Closed every Monday)
How to get to:Metro Line 2/ Yunjinlu Station, Bus游4,7,37,61,63 /Jiangdongmen Stop

7. Xinjiekou Commercial Circle(2 hours)

Known as the "First Commercial Circle in China", it owns many large commercial, trading & circulation enterprises, and several hundred shops, hotels, plazas, banks as well.

Add: Around the crossing of Zhongshan Nanlu,Zhongshan Donglu,Zhongshan Lu and Hanzhong Lu

How to get to: Metro Line 1,Metro Line 2,Bus 1,3,5,9,16,25,26,28,33,34,35,100/Xinjiekou Stop

8. Xuanwu Lake(Taicheng) (2 hours)

Go to boat on the Xuanwu Lake to enjoy the sightseeing of mountains, waters and forests in this city.

Ticket: Free
Add:No.1, Xuanwu Xiang, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:30-21:30
How to get to: Metro Line / Xuanwumen Station ,Bus 游1,1,25,28,30,33,35,56/ Xuanwuhu Gongyuan Stop

9. Presidential Palace(1.5 hour)

The history which has threaded through the Presidential Palace is rich, and it has been known as the museum of Chinese modern history.

Ticket:40 Yuan
Add:No.292, Changjiang Lu, Xuanwu District
Open Time:8:00-17:00
How to get to:Bus游1, 游2,29,44,65,95,304/ Zongtongfu Stop

10. 1912 Leisure Block(2 hours)

Consisted of more than 20 buildings which are all Republican-era structures, 1912 is the nightlife center in Nanjing

Add: Crossing of Changjiang Lu and Taipingbei Lu, next to the Presidential Palace

How to get to:Metro Line 2/Daxinggong Station, Bus游1, 2,3,31,44,65,68,95,304/Daxinggongbei Stop

Photo from Purple Mountain

Trusted Travel Advice about Nanjing

If you only have two days in NJ consider this itinerary.

Day 1 - If it's nice go to the Purple Mountain and up to the Purple Cloud Lake. It costs 70rmb to get in and about 20rmb in a taxi to get there. You can see the Ming Tombs and go for a walk around the lake and see the Mausoleum at the same time.Spend most of the day here and then go back to the centre and go to Fuzi Miao for the early evening (Confucius Temple). Go for a boat ride if you like or a rickshaw ride. In the evening depending on your age you can go to "Bar Street"- its referred to as "1912" (on Taiping Beilu) where there are countless bars selling expensive and noisey beers. Here there are some quiter restaurants which are good fun. In the Tepanyaki restaurant you pay a set price (150rmb) and get all you can eat cooked infront of you by your own chef.

Day 2 - The Museum of the Nanjing Massacre should be seen (unless you have children - they would definitely have nightmares if you took them). Lion Hill (on bus route 34 or by taxi) is near the Yangtse River and has amzing views over the river and city. It costs 40rmb to get in and you can pay another 3rmb to take a lift through the rock to the top so saving you sweating your way up steps. It's a really wonderful place, so clam and peaceful and the grounds are beautiful.

The old walls are everywhere so you don't need to make a special effort to see them. There are numerous "gates" into and out of the city which you will pass through on countless times as you travel the city. A lot have been rebuilt with only patches of the old brickwork remaining.

Nanjing grows on you! It's a nice place to visit and in which to live.

The Ultimate Guide to Tangshan Hot Spring

These mineral baths are one of Nanjing's best kept secrets

An hour drive east of downtown, Tangshan produces some of the best hot springs in China.

Called "soup mountain" in Chinese, the 292-meter hill is a gigantic natural tub for thermal mineral waters. Here is a guide to Tangshan's top resorts and attractions.

Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villas & Spa

The most luxurious property in town, this resort charges nearly US$700 per night. In return, guests are pampered with private villas, personal hot spring pools and authentic Indonesian cuisine.

The tranquil complex is the only branch of Bali-based resort operator Kayuman is outside Indonesia. It encompasses20 villas, starting from 322.5 square meters in size.

Each house comes with a massive bath tub in the courtyard, large enough for four people to lie down at the same time. Guests can simply turn on the tap to draw the allegedly medicinal thermal water.

An outdoor mini pool, measuring six by four meters or even larger, is also included in the deal.

Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villas & Spa, No.12 Wenquan Road, Sizhuang Village, Tangshan Town, Jiangning District; +86 25 8410 7777; nightly rate from RMB 4, 180 (US$672) plus 15 percent for a one-bedroom villa or RMB 5,080 (US$816) plus 15 percent for a two-bedroom villa; free pick-up service at Nanjing Lvkou Airport and Nanjing Train Station;

Photo from Tangshan Hot Spring

Regalia Resort and Spa

The only hotel on mid-level Tangshan, this resort brand is China's answer to Banyan Tree, offering relaxing massages and soothing baths in lush surroundings.

The establishment provides a full-on Thai ambience with spiritual Thai-style interior design, native Thai masseuses and an elephant mascot.

More than 60 guestrooms overlook forests or the hotel's courtyard garden.

The resort's 35 villas (and some of the more premium rooms) contain private hot spring tubs along with traditional Tibetan medicine powder to bathe in.

For travelers who don't stay here but wish to take a dip, the resort has set up23 private hot spring rooms to host anything from a honeymoon splash to a party of half a dozen.

Regalia Resort & Spa (Tangshan), No. 8, Quanyun Road, Jiangning District; +86 25 8713 1188; nightly rate from around RMB 1, 350 (US$217) plus 15 percent, RMB180 (US$29) per person per hour to use the private hot spring room; free pick-up service at Nanjing Train Station;


Highly popular with Chinese families and business groups, this 198-room hotel showcases the country's public bathing culture in its extreme.

More than 70 public pools congregate in an immense, outdoor hot spring zone, each with a different theme, from the TCM pond to the Turkish Doctor Fish pond to the sizzling Volcano pond.

Service is top-notch: smiling waiters are on hand to offer hot ginger tea, which prevents bathers suffering dehydration.

The décor is a melting pot. Some areas are built around Vietnamese-style water wheels and others are adorned with white marble statues of European deities.

Guestrooms are decked out to meet the tastes of a typical Chinese businessman.

Easpring, No. 8 Wenquan Road, Tangshan Town, Jiangning District; +86 25 51190666; nightly rate from RMB 580 (US$93.2) plus 15 percent, RMB 100 (US$16) per person to enter the hot springs zone for hotel guests, RMB 218 (US$35) for outside guests; official website |LS|http://nj.ea-spring.com|RS|.

What's around to see?

Some 10 minutes drive west of the resort cluster on Wenquan Road are two colossal karst caves. Archeologists have unearthed about 2,000 kinds of animal fossils there and two skulls of homo erectus dating back 580,000 to 630,000 years. The skull is now displayed in one of the caves.

About three kilometers northwest of the caves, there is a 230,000-square-meter Ming-culture village where travelers can see grand Ming manors, lantern-lined streets and costume-clad staff performing different ancient trades.

The complex contains three gargantuan stone tablets. Standing seven, 10 and 51 meters respectively, these monuments were hewn in the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.

For history buffs, Chiang Kai-shek's former private hot spring villa is open for visits near the Tangshan town center.

Nanjing Homo Erectus Caves Scenic Spot, Tangshan Neighborhood, Outside Zhongshan Gate, Jiangning District; +86 25 8411 1108; admission: RMB 27 (US$4.3); open daily from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.(summer), 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. (winter) Ming Culture Village, No. 8, West Wenquan Road, Tangshan Neighborhood, Jiangning District; admission: RMB 50 (US$8); open daily from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Chiang Kai-shek Hot Springs Villa, No. 5 Wenquan Road, Jiangning District; admission: RMB 12(US$1.9); opening hours vary.

24 Hours in Nanjing

Squeeze all the fun,appetite and adventure within one spin of the globe.
Spend a fun-laden,action-packed day on the bank of the Yangtze River.


Kick-start your day with a hearty breakfast at Yinnianjin, one of the locals' favorites for steamed dumplings. Each basket contains eight hot and adorable meaty pockets (RMB 12 or US$1.9)with boiling broth hidden inside.

Breakfast's calories can be burned off with a stroll to nearby Xuanwu Lake. The massive park has a breathtaking landscape and a buzzing morning exercise scene.

There is a section of well-protected Ming City Wall next to the lake.

At Taicheng, visitors can walk atop the 600-year-old fortification and gain an impressive perspective over Xuanwu Lake or a striking view of Nanjing's growing skyline.

Photo by Ming City Wall


The Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is just a subway ride away from Xuanwu Lake. The metro station is right outside the main park gate, and the Muxuyuan station on Line 2 is the nearest stop to the spectacular memorial.

Alternatively, a metered taxi ride will cost around RMB 30 (US$4.8).

The Nanjing Impressions restaurant near the Muxuyuan station is a great pit stop to build energy for the long walk ahead. The Republic of China-themed space features staff in period costume, an open kitchen and plate after plate of mouth-watering local fare.

A shuttle bus links the metro station to the mausoleum, which is set in an incredible natural environment. You can enjoy lush forest on the way up, and after climbing the 392 stairs leading to the coffin chamber at the top, you will be rewarded with a stunning viewover the Zijin Mountain.

Photo from Xuanwu Lake


Another major Republican attraction is the President Palace, which is a 10-minute walk from Daxinggong station (大行宫) on Metro Line 2. The former Kuomingtang offices and the artistic gardens are kept in their original state from the 1940s.

To dig deeper into the city's dramatic history, zip westwards to The Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre. Take a moment to commemorate the 300,000 victims of a six-week killing spree by the Japanese soldiers in December 1937.


Xinjiekou, the city's equivalent to Times Square, is a perfect spot to feel the glitz and glamour of modern Nanjing when the night falls. The blinding intersection is surrounded by luxury brand stores, gigantic shopping malls and towering five-star hotels.

Underneath, there is another labyrinth of subway stalls stretching for miles, selling the hottest eats and knick-knacks.

One of the best places to dine in Xinjiekou is the Plum Garden restaurant in Jinling Hotel. The elegant space serves the city's best salted duck.


The night market at Fuzi Miao, or the Confucius Temple, provides the ultimate experience of Chinese folklore, especially around any Chinese festivals. It's a great choice for an after-dinner walk with mind-blowing neon signs, local crafts and a never-ending sea of tourists.

As the Fuzi Miao bustle dies down, nightlife on Shanghai Road or in the 1912 complex is just beginning. These are the two main bar areas. The Shanghai Road neighborhood has a variety of venues from sports bar to underground live house while 1912 leans towards disco clubbing.

Round off the night (or embrace the dawn) by singing a few numbers at a KTV parlor, which is a typical way for Nanjingers to spend a wild night with friends. Popular venues include Milo Star and Windsor.

Photo by Bo Lan

Nanjing Tourism Route:

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum (3 hours) → Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty (3 hours) → Confucius Temple (2 hours) - Qinhuai River Scenic Area (2-3 hours)

Source By: Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty

Nanjing Tourism Route Details:

It's recommended to have a tour in the Zhongshan Scenic Area where you could visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum and the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty. In the morning, visitors can visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum as the first stop of the day, yet taking pictures is prohibited there. In the afternoon, you can tour around the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty, and view the attractive spots following the order of Sifangcheng - The Tablet Tower of Great Merits - Sacred Way - City Wall – Yuqiao. Sacred Way is especially a must-go place that you shouldn't miss. When the night falls and lights on, it comes to the best time to visit Confucius Temple, the most popular and bustling area in Nanjing at night, or take a boat for an unforgettable night tour along the Qinhuai River.

It takes 20 minutes to get to the Ming Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty from Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum (recommend visit time 3 hours) by sightseeing bus, 50 minutes to get to the Confucius Temple in Qinhuai River Scenic Zone (recommend visit time 2-3 hours) from the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty (recommend visit time 3 hours) by metro.

Nanjing Tourism Traffic:

You can reach all destinations by metro or bus since Nanjing is not very large compared with other mega cities in China. In addition, the taxi starting price is 9 RMB / 3 km with 2 RMB for fuel and 2.4 RMB/ km for the journey over 3km.

From the Presidential Office Building to Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum: take metro line 2 from Daxinggong Station to Muxuyuan Station, leave Muxuyuan Station from Exit 1, and then take sightseeing bus No.1 and get off the bus at the Zhongshanling Station.

It costs 10 RMB per tourist for reaching the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty by sightseeing bus No.3 or 5 from Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum.

From the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty to Confucius Temple, you can take metro line 2 to Daxinggong Station, and then transfer to line 3 to Fuzimiao Station, leave Fuzimiao Station, and continue to walk for 1.1km.

Nanjing Tourism Tickets:

We recommend you to buy tickets on site.

Presidential Office Building: 40 RMB / person. Buy tickets at least 30 minutes before the building is closed;

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum: Free;

Qinhuai River Boat Trip: 60 RMB / person (Daytime), 80 RMB / person (Nighttime).

Nanjing Tourism Dining:

Nanjing people are so addicted to cuisines of ducks and geese, therefore locals' favorite snacks include Duck blood and vermicelli soup, Shiwangfu Lion's head, Yin's Dumplings with Chicken Soup, Lianhu Muslim Restaurant, "Wangbuliao" pickled fish, etc.

At noon, visitors can expect a pleasant dining experience around Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, where you can find a cluster of local snack shops, tea houses, vegetarian noodle restaurants... For those who are looking for more to satisfy their taste buds, just stroll around the Confucius Temple and discover the one that caters to your taste from a wide selection of street food.

Nanjing Tourism Accommodation:

It's suggested to stay the night near the Confucius Temple in Qinhuai River region since there is convenient transportation and a variety of hotels for your option.

Nanjing Tourism Route:

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (1-2 hours) → Rain-Flower Terrace (3 hours) →Shiziqiao Gourmet Pedestrian Street (2 hours)

Source By: Rainflower Terrace

Nanjing Tourism Route Details:

In the morning, it's suggested to visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall built in memory of the victims, to remember history and cherish peace. Then you can travel to the Nanjing Red Tourism Scenic Spot – Rain Flower Terrace scenic spot, which has attracted numerous tourists for its historical sites, cemeteries, ecological jungles, Yuhua stones, etc. To end the trip of the day, try to have a taste of gourmet food while enjoying street views along the Shiziqiao Gourmet Pedestrian.

By the way, it takes 40 minutes to get to Rain-Flower Terrace from Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (recommend to tour around here for 1-2 hours) by metro, and 40 minutes to get to the Shiziqiao Gourmet PedestrianStreet (recommended visit time 2 hours) from the Rain-Flower Terrace (recommend 3 hours) by metro.

Nanjing Tourism Tips:

1. Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

It is a hall exhibiting historical records and objects to memorize the killed in the Nanjing Massacre;

2. Rain-Flower Terrace

It is one of Nanjing's red tourism attractions, and embraced by conifers, clear spring streams and fascinating Rainy Agate stones;

3. Shiziqiao Gourmet Pedestrian Street

Another famous food street besides Confucius Temple with a cluster of China time-honored brands and reputed shops.

Nanjing Tourism Traffic:

From the Confucius Temple in Qinhuai River region to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall:

Take metro line 3 at Fuzimiao station, then transfer to Metro line 2 at Daxinggong station, leave the Yunjinlu station from exit 2, and continue to walk for 300 meters to reach the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall;

From the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall to the Rain-Flower Terrace scenic spot:

Take metro line 2 at Yunjinlu station, then transfer to line 1 at Xinjiekou station, leave the Zhonghuamen station from exit 3, and continue to walk for 700 meters to reach the Rain-Flower Terrace scenic spot.

Nanjing Tourism Ticket:

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall: free admission, closed on Mondays;

Rain-Flower Terrace scenic spot: free admission. Memorial Park of Revolutionary Martyrs is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays;

Xuanwu Lake Park: free to enter the park, 30 RMB for sightseeing bus, 60 RMB / hour for a 4-seat pedal boat, 80 RMB / hour for a 4-seat electric boat, and 100 RMB for a 6-seat electric boat.

Nanjing Tourism Dinning:

You could find plenty of delicious local snacks around the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall without the concern of overpricing;

As for dinner, Shiziqiao Gourmet Pedestrian Street is an ideal place for foodies to enjoy delicacies of different parts of China, from Nanjing food to Jiangsu and Zhejiang dishes.

Nanjing Tourism Accommodation:

It's suggested to stay the night near the Confucius Temple in Qinhuai River region since there is convenient transportation and a variety of hotels for your option.

72 hours in Nanjing

With careful planning it's possible to fit many of this city's best sights into a flying visit.

Three days is barely enough time to skim the surface of Nanjing, a city densely packed with historical, cultural and natural beauty.

But with a bit of careful planning – and a whole lot of energy – it's possible to fit many of this city's best sights and activities into a flying visit.

Here is our guide to getting the most out of 72 hours in Nanjing:

Day One

The Ming City Wall surrounding Nanjing is one of the city's most remarkable features, so it makes sense to start your visit with a stroll along it. Start at the Taicheng gate and do the picturesque walk (of around 2km of the wall) that begins there.

Next head across to Xunwu Lake Park, a stunning 472-hectare natural reserve surrounded by water and located in the middle of the city. Once China's largest Imperial lake garden, it is now the ideal spot to appreciate the mix of ancient architecture and skyscrapers that defines modern-day Nanjing.

For lunch, stop by Shiziqiao, a pedestrian street bursting with delicious lunch options that is a 30-minute walk away (or 10 minutes in a taxi). Fill up on pork dumplings, noodle soup or grilled lamb skewers before moving on to the nearby Jiming Temple, a graceful Buddhist shrine built more than 600 years ago.

The temple is surrounded by gardens, so it is worth going for a stroll before you jump on the subway (Line 3) and head down to the bustling Fuzi Miao neighbourhood for dinner and a walk.

This area features the Confucius Temple and is a lively spot with many restaurants and a colourful night market. Sample some of the local dishes then finish your night at Lao Men Dong, which offers a dramatic 3D light show each evening.

Photos above from Ming City Wall

Day Two

On your second day in Nanjing, plunge into exploring the rich culture of the city with a visit to Nanjing Museum. It recently reopened after extensive renovations and offers a fascinating insight into the past, present and future of this very special city.

Then continue along Zhongshan Road to the Ming Palace, also known as the Forbidden City of Nanjing, and the Jiangsu Art Museum, a striking contemporary building that is home to the Nanjing Biennale. Keep heading along the road until you reach the Presidential Palace, which was once the White House of China and is still an impressive sight to behold.

Next stop by Xinjiekou, a cross road in the business district filled with shops and bright lights that is often described as Nanjing's answer to Times Square. There are plenty of good places to eat around here, so enjoy some dinner before ending your second day in Nanjing with a visit to the nearby bar district known as 1912. This vibrant street is filled with places to eat, drink and listen to music, and it really gets going after 10pm.

Photos above from Nanjing Museum

Day Three

or a relaxing start to your final day, get up early and head out of the city to the Tangshan Hot Springs, which are a one-hour drive east of the centre of the city but well worth the effort.

After a blissful morning, return to the city and make your way to Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, built in honour of the founder of the Republic of China. Climb the 392 stairs to the tomb at the top and marvel at the unbeatable view of nearby Zijin Mountain.

After seeing the city from above, get a view from the water by hopping on a cruise along the Qinhuai River. Boats leave from wharves all along the river and offer a unique view of some of the city's most beautiful sites including the Bailu Zhou Garden, the Confucius Temple, the Zhanyuan Garden and the Zhonghua Gate.

Post-cruise, have dinner at Plum Garden in the Jinling Hotel, a favourite amongst local foodies that is renowned for its delectable salted duck. After dinner catch the subway (Line 1) up to the Sky Bar Lounge in the Intercontinental Nanjing. Perched at the top of the hotel, it has breathtaking views over the city and is the perfect place to enjoy a nightcap and finish off a spectacular three days exploring Nanjing.

Photo from Tangshan Hot Springs