Encountering with Nanjing in Summer - A Night of Romance

As the capital of six ancient dynasties, Nanjing was completely designed in a royal style. You can experience the majesty of the imperial city from its rich culture, heritage architecture, urban design, and geographical story. But things are different in summer, when Nanjing's hustle and bustle and vitality reach the peak. Nanjing in Summer is saturated in palette and unrestrained. Everywhere you look, there are summer blooms which are gorgeous and dazzling.

If you are a flower watcher, you can't miss the pink of roses, the yellow of small coreopsis, the purple of verbena, the green of oriental plane leaves and lotus leaves, and the white of lotus flowers. Besides, there are other reminders of Nanjing Summer, such as the hot breeze and the cozy sunlight filtered down through leaves and eaves. All in all, Nanjing in summer has a great variety of joys waiting for your visit.

(Photo: Mochou Lake in summer; Source: Nanjing Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism)

Nanjing is a typical Jiangnan-style city, but at night in summer, the charming lights of the bustling city seem to be a more noteworthy thing. A night of romance begins with wonderful lights.

(I) Exploring Qinhuai River without Any Worries

(Photo: Qinhuai River views at night in summer; Source: 699pic.com)

Different from the cold and hazy winter night like an ink painting, the Qinhuai River in summer is heated and clearly visible and brightly colored. The best thing about the Qinhuai River in summer is that the ancient structures on both sides of the river are illuminated when night falls to present a retro but gorgeous picture. You can stroll around the streets and buildings on both sides of the water, and you should know that the pavilions with lights are also attractive. Or you should trek up the winding ancient city wall, where you can get a close look at the centuries-old bricks and a distant view of the city and the nature of Nanjing at night.

(II) New City Appearance at Night in Summer

(Photo: Xinjiekou views at night in summer; Source: stock.tuchong.com)

A visit to Xinjiekou can provide you with a good opportunity to see the new appearance of Nanjing City. You can enjoy the brilliant lights and special charm of modern fashion at night amidst the crowds. With a height of 450 meters, Zifeng Tower is the world's seventh tallest building and boasts the widest panoramic view in Nanjing. You can enjoy the night scenery of the whole city in this building. Nanjing Eye Pedestrian Bridge is another good place for you to show off on social media. The two giant circles connecting the bridge are like alien angel wings. The sloping steel cables on both sides are reminiscent of the strings of a harp, and the pedestrians on the bridge are plucking them.

Don't miss the summer view of these new Nanjing landmarks?

(III) Secrets of Starry Sky and Fireflies at Night in Summer

(Photo: Fireflies at Linggu Temple; Source: 699pic.com)

Zijin Mountain is a natural observatory located on the outskirts of Nanjing, where you can look up at the stars with friends and look down at the cityscape. More specifically, maybe you could go on a hike with your best friends on a clear night and camp at the top of Zijin Mountain. Enjoying the lights of the city and the stars shining in the sky, you can talk about anything until the moment of sunrise. There is another summer-only scenery in Zijin Mountain -- Linggu Fireflies. The secluded Linggu Temple is a Zen space, where the remains and starry fireflies fly around, making it a fantasy.

Late at night, dim light will reveal a romantic Nanjing that you have never found before.