A 3-day Family Trip in Nanjing

Of all the cities in China, I finally chose Nanjing to spend my summer holiday with my family. The place was selected for several reasons: its richness in culture and history, the vitality of its modern life, the daintiness of all the snacks and street food, and most importantly, it's a paradise for children.

City Tree and City Flower of Nanjing

City Tree of Nanjing:

Cedar is the city tree of Nanjing. Nanjing has long history of cultivating cedar trees. It integrates with the city wall, and fully displays the characteristics of Nanjing residents. In 1982, the Second Meeting of the Eighth People’s Conference of Nanjing took cedar tree as the city tree.

Nanjing set friendly Relationship with 3 foreign cities

Fueled by holding the World Historical & Cultural Cities Expo, on October 23rd, 2016, Nanjing signed the Sister City Relationship Agreement with the city York in UK, and also signed a letter of intent to build sister city relationship with Semarang in Indonesia, as well as a letter of intent to launch cultural cooperation with San Antonio in USA.

Restaurants and Bars in Nanjing

Prime Restaurant and Bar Lounge

Ascend cloud high for a posh experience of juicy steaks, wonderful wines, premium cigars and a panoramic view over the glittering downtown at this InterContinental bar.