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Qinhuai Renjia (秦淮人家)

Qinhuai Renjia restaurant is located in one of the best locations in Nanjing – looking directly at Confucius Temple over the water and the hustle and bustle of the Fuzimiao area.

Taoye Ferry Leisure Street

Nanjing Taoye Ferry Leisure Street has been developed into a leisure area with bars, (international) restaurants and recreation clubs. The place is very quiet and so close to the Qinhuai River.


Hidden at the end of a food and drink complex on Shigu Road, Jimmy’s bar plants a chunk of America in the heart of Nanjing. This laid-back pub is a nightlife stronghold among Nanjing expats.

1912 Bar & Club Street

1912 Bar Street has several dozen restaurants, bars, pubs, tea houses, nightclubs and discos. It has become the nightlife center in Nanjing.