Boat Trip on Inner Qinhuai River

The river tells a story. With a total length of 110 kilometers, the Qinhuai River is the 'Mother River'of Nanjing. When flowing into the city, it is divided into two tributaries: one is called the 'outer Qinhuai River' circling the city-wall built in the Ming Dynasty. The other is termed as the 'inner Qinhuai River'historically reputed as 'Five-kilometer Qinhuai'. Boating on the inner Qinhuai River enables you to fully admire over forty scenic spots such as former residences of celebrities, historical remains, noted bridges, famous gardens and Qinhuai colorful lanterns.

Smell the Scent of Flowers in Nanjing

Nanjing, with its profound history, has long been hailed as the Capital of Six Dynasties, and beyond that Nanjing is also known for its abundance of flowers blooming throughout the year. Whenever you come to Nanjing, there are always one or several kinds of flowers that could draw your attention and feast your eyes.

Powerful and Prosperous Ming Empire

Many of the images and sites that make up the worldview of Chinese culture were begun in the Ming Dynasty. Most notably, the current and completed version of the Great Wall, the architectural style represented by the Forbidden City and the popular blue and white porcelain creations.

Taoye Ferry Leisure Street

It was a noted ferry in ancient times. As a legend goes, it got its name since a famous calligrapher WangXianzhi saw off and met Taoye as his beloved girl. Since then, Taoye Ferry has become one of holy love lands in Nanjing. Nowadays it has been developed into a leisure area with bars, (international) restaurants and recreation clubs. The place is very quiet and so close to the Qinhuai River. It is an ideal place to escape from the bustle of Fuzi Miao area, hang around, have a cup of tea/coffee, or just wandering.


Egret Park

As a bright pearl in Qinhuai scenic area, Egret Park covers a total area of 15.3 hectares with a lake-water area of 3.8 hectares. Successively being called Xu Zhongshan Garden, Eastern Garden and Taifu Garden in history, it was a garden of Xu Da, a founding general of the Ming Dynasty. Thanks to its charming sceneries of unique rustic appeal, it has always been the place for many noted scholars to get together, writing poems and drinking wine. In the period of the Republic of China, it was formally turned into Egret Park.