Shopping in Nanjing

Shanxi Road Commercial Circle

Hunan Road in this circle, second only to Xinjiekou, is nationally renowned for its ‘Civilization Demo and Good Faith’. On the famous Hunan Road (Shiziqiao) Gourmet Street, which is between Hunan Road and Hubei Road, Gulou District, eateries of all cuisines, budgets and sizes are crammed into the 300-meter neon-lit strip: from grand multi-story establishments cooking Nanjingese, Sichuanese or Cantonese feasts to hole-in-the-wall stalls grilling lamb kebabs.

Foreign fare is also on the table, such as Punjabi food from India.

A popular place among the locals on the pedestrian street is Nanjing Impressions.

The two-story restaurant, with a grand façade of hanging lanterns, mixes local food, culture and drama in one sizzling pot. Diners select some of Nanjing’s most iconic dishes from open kitchens, such as duck blood soup and duck soaked in brine.

All staff don traditional Chinese dress and a live performance of Chinese opera is staged every night.