Nanjing, Your Wonderful Hot Spring Destination in Winter

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As an old Chinese saying goes, spring and summer are the seasons to sprout and grow, while autumn and winter, to harvest and store up. In winter, the perfect time to recharge yourself, a relaxing getaway in hot spring can work wonders for your health by releasing stress, nourishing skin, easing body and mind, stimulating blood circulation and enhancing overall well-being.

Tangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resorts, located in Tangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, is a millennium royal privilege retreat dating back in the Liang Age of the Southern Dynasties (AD 420 - 589), Top 1 out of the four famous resort destinations across China and the one and only world-renowned Chinese hot spring that has passed the water quality certifications in Europe and Japan.

Well bestowed with hot spring resources, Nanjing is a perfect destination for relaxation and rejuvenation in winter, specially for couples and families thanks to its diversified options ranging from outdoor hot springs, private compartments, homestays and hotels. Attention: most of the homestays in China do not accommodate foreigners. Please contact them before making reservations.

Representative Outdoor Hot Spring Resort:

  • Ziqing Lake Hot Springs Resort

Representative Hot Spring Hotels:

  • Yitang Hot Spring Resort Hotel
  • Greenland Yuhao Hot Spring Hotel

Outdoor Hot Springs

Ziqing Lake Hot Springs Resort

This is a heaven on earth: tens of foggy hot springs in various shapes and sizes trickle and murmur among lush trees and blooming flowers, the only hot spring in the natural landscape in Tangshan. You can enjoy a host of hot baths with various functions half-way up the hill ranging from plunge pool, salt & sand bath, hot stone bath and nibble fish spa.

You will be wowed by the rare plants and birds sheltered in this incredible original wetland. Wild egrets, ducks and swans are playing around Ziqing Lake all the year round. In summer, you can pamper yourself in the hot baths and then go paddling with your kids at the water amusement area, enjoying the double happiness of health care and family get-togethers.


Address: No.8 Huanzhen North Road, Jiangning District

Per capita consumption: About RMB 158

Tel: +86 25 87127777

How to get there: Take Bus Jurong-Jiangning Transit Line/No. D19/208 to Tangshan-Rongdong Stop and walk for 1.4 km


Hot Spring Hotels

Yitang Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Yitang Hot Spring Resort Hotel, conveniently cradled in the time-honored home of hot springs—Jinwu Hot Spring Park, Tangshan, Nanjing, is a 12,000 m2 luxury getaway oozing oriental glamour ideal for leisure, social activities and holiday spa for people pursuing premium experience.

Photo credit: Yitang Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Location: Jinwu Hot Spring Park, Yanxiang Road, Tangshan Town, Jiangning District (Close to the East Gate of Jinwu Hot Spring Park)

Per capita consumption: About RMB 1900

Tel: +86 25 57476699

How to get there: Take Bus Jurong-Jiangning Transit Line/No. D19/208 to Tangshan East Stop and walk for about 1.5 km

Greenland Yuhao Hot Spring Hotel

Greenland Yuhao Hot Spring Hotel, a five-star spa resort featuring typical Minguo (Republic of China period 1912-1949) architecture style, is armed with 11 outdoor hot spring ponds in its rooftop garden surrounded by greeneries, verandas and pavilions. Beside fresh air rich in negative oxygen ions and all-natural hot spring water, it provides a unique array of healthcare baths with the essences from Chinese herbal medicines, including angelica dahurica, astragalus, coastal glehnia roots, polygonum multiflorum and roses. Let's embrace this relaxing and refreshing moment in the babbling hot spring, beautiful music and pleasant perfume to nourish your body and soul.

Photo credit: Greenland Yuhao Hot Spring Hotel

Address: No.288, Tangquan East Road, Jiangning District (Northeast of Chengkai Tangshan Mansion)

Per capita consumption: About RMB 700

Tel: +86 25 84109999


Do's and Don'ts for Hot Springs

Before take a healthcare hot spring bath in the cold winter, please check for the following Do's and Don'ts.

Tips on Hot Spring:

Try the spring of lower temperature first and then move to the warmer water.

It is advisable to take a break after taking a bath in the hot spring for every 8 to 15 minutes.

In case of any discomfort, come out of the bath immediately and take a break.

Stay at rest and drink plenty of water while taking a bath in the hot spring.

Do not enter a hot spring in the following cases

  • After drinking wine.
  • After staying up late.
  • On an empty stomach
  • Half an hour before or after having meals
  • After vigorous exercise


Hot spring is not suitable for the following people:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Heavy drinkers;
  • Hypertension patients;
  • People with heart diseases;
  • People within 30 days after surgery
  • People with hemorrhagic diseases;
  • Women during menstruation.