Winter Scene

Winter is a peaceful and graceful picture in Nanjing. With the arrival of frost flowers, the whole city seems to be covered with a veil of white. The ancient city wall, the flaming maple leaves, the orange-red metasequoia, and the golden gingko are shining in the winter sun.

(Photo: Metasequoia trees by Yanque Lake; source:

Winter brings beautiful natural scenery to this millennia-old capital, but the heaviness of the historic site blending into the natural beauty is the most resonant, respectful and lingering. In the bleak winter, the alleys of Confucius Temple and the city wall are impressive, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the city.

(Photo: Confucius Temple at the bank of Qinhuai River; source:

When the first rays of the morning sun filters through the clouds onto the old flagstone road of the Confucius Temple, this ancient building complex is remarkably quiet. The lingering morning mist hangs in the air. It's like a thousand years of history waking up at this moment. The ancient buildings with red walls and black tiles are even more calm in the cold winter, as if every stone has precipitated the vicissitudes of time. The blue brick mottled Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty winds through the enchanting scenery of the ancient Xuanwu Lake and the heavy traffic of modern Nanjing City, reflecting on the thousand years of Nanjing. Everything seems to slow down with them, quiet and beautiful.

(Photo: Snow scenes at Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty and Red Mansions Art and Culture Garden in Nanjing; source:

Behind the beautiful winter in Nanjing lies a strong touch of color. It marks the arrival of winter and portrays the early winter scene in Nanjing. The mountains are full of crimson and yellow leaves, layer upon layer.

(Photo: Qixia Temple; source:

This beauty is seen in the red leaves of Qixia Mountain, in the red clouds of Xuanwu Lake, in the golden trees of Qingliang Hill, and in the colors of Ginko Lake. Looking up, red, orange, yellow and green views heave in sight; heading down, colorful leaves scatter all over the ground. This touch of winter color, short but bright, casts beautiful reflections with the quiet and solemn city, keep the winter more agile and vibrant in Nanjing.

(Photo: Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Music Stage; source:

All the hills around dyed-red, with rows of woods in autumn tints. The gorgeous view ranges from lakes, eaves, and temples to arch bridges. This winter scene and swaying branches reveal the bright romance and ancient charm of Nanjing in winter.

Here's another indelible sight. With the arrival of cold winter, the golden leaves of bald cypress are turning red gradually. The fairytale wonderland of cypress trees are reflected in the sunlit lake water, like an oil painting. What an amazing view!

(Photo: Cypress trees; source:

As what Su Shi praised in his poem, "The best time and scene of the year you have to remember is the time when tangerines are green and oranges golden." Nanjing is a case in point: Blue bricks and red tiles, golden gingko, and orange-red metasequoia set off in the gentle and quiet winter.