Nanjing Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin


The world-renowned novel "The Story of the Stone" is closely connected with Nanjing city. The author, Cao Xueqin, had lived in Nanjing for a very long time. Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty had visited the southern part of the Yangtze River for six times, at the time he was welcomed and accommodated by the family of Cao Xueqin for four times. In Cao's masterpiece, reading between the lines, you could capture a special bond between Cao Xueqin and Nanjing, as four generations of his family had resided here for over sixty years. It was said he was named by a Buddhist abbot from Qingliang temple and had lived an extravagant life in his childhood in Nanjing.

According to historical documents, Cao's family was the owner of several houses in Nanjing, including some properties which now belong to Nanjing Normal University and Wulongtang Park.

Nanjing Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin is located at No. 217 Guangzhou Road, at the foot of Guishan Mountain to the south of Wulongtang Park.