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Lao Men Dong (老门东) to experience the local living style

Photo by Lao Men Dong

In a city experiencing rapid development, most of Nanjing's old architecture is being torn down. However, in southern Nanjing-the root of Nanjing-some older buildings remain scattered. Local families knew each other intimately, speak the most authentic Nanjing dialect, have the best street snacks and know the best old Nanjing tales.

Lao Men Dong is the core of southern Nanjing. Like Xintiandi in Shanghai, it is one of the city's most successful urban restoration projects. On the ground floor of former residential buildings, you will find lots of tea houses, local venders, design shops, folk artists, boutique hotels, bars, international restaurants and old former residences of celebrities.

A museum complex locates here as well which is redeveloped from former Nanjing Colorful Fabric Factory. It includes Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Jinling Art Museum, and Museum of Southern Nanjing Memory, where you can better understand Nanjing local culture.


Every night from 19:00-20:30, you can enjoy the world's biggest daily 3D light show: projection on part of the Nanjing city wall. And this is for free. The performance is intended to show the history and revival of southern Nanjing in five chapters, namely, countdown, carols of the city wall, romance and story of Qinhuai River, memory of southern Nanjing, and future of Lao Men Dong.

Opening hours:

Shops and restaurants 10:00-22:00


Free (Museum of Southern Nanjing Memory: RMB 10)

Gutong Lane
By metro:

Metro Line1 Sanshanjie Station Exit 4. Head South along South Zhongshan Road, turn left at Changle Road , then turn right at Gutong Lane. Total walking distance: 1700 meters.

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